Excellence Awards

Excellence awards are designed to commend independent contributions to the science and practice of CBT. Three awards will be made, subject to an acceptable number of entries.

  • Best Newcomer Award: An award will be given for the best oral presentation by an early career clinician/researcher, either in an Open Paper or a Symposium session.
  • Best Poster Presentation: An award will be given for the best poster by an early career clinician/researcher.

[Note: Newcomer and Poster Presentation awards are open to PhD students, clinical trainees, and any individuals with no more than two year’s research experience following their most recent qualification.]

  • Best Case Report Poster: A separate award will be given for the best case report poster submission. Individuals at any stage of their career will be considered for this award.

We particularly encourage submissions from current and recent trainees in CBT within CBT diplomas, clinical psychology doctorate courses and IAPT courses.