Glisser Platform

We have provided a few tips for accessing the platform:

Devices The online platform works on all devices which can browse the internet (such as laptops, Tablets, Phone and some Smart TVs with a browser).

Browsers Google Chrome and Safari are the recommended browsers; however, you can access the event on most browsers. Internet Explorer is no longer supported.

Log-In You will need to log-in to the event via the email address you used to register. Please check this is correct before logging in. Multiple users with the same log-in will not be supported.

Polls & Quizzes Any polls will automatically pop-up on your screen. Select your response and hit submit.

Agenda You will first be greeted by the event agenda. Here you can switch between sessions, rooms and see all details of the event.

Q&A Once in a session, you can submit questions on the Q&A tab and click on the + icon in the bottom right of the screen.


 How do I access or download my slides and notes? If the presenter is happy for their slides to be downloaded (along with your personal notes), you will be able to download them from the ‘Download’ tab.

Why are my questions not being displayed? Event organisers and presenters have the option to turn moderation on. This means that they have to accept your question before it is displayed on delegates’ devices and the Q&A wall on the main screen. If your questions are not being displayed, it is likely that your questions have not been accepted by a moderator yet.

Why can’t I access a presentation? If you are trying to access a presentation before the date of the event, the presenter may not have made their presentation public yet. Make sure that the URL (web address) has been entered in correctly. If it is after the presentation has ended, it may be that the presenter has taken the presentation down and has decided not to make it available to download.

Ensure you are using one of the recommended browsers. We suggested using a device that has the latest software updates installed.